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Product Name: Honokiol
CAS No: 528-43-8
Product Type: Herbal Plant Extract
Product spec: Magnolia officinalis extract, Honokiol 5%-98%
Packing: Inside is two plastic bag, Outside is drum
Post Time: 2018-03-27
Usage: While magnolia species have been incorporated in traditional healing systems throughout the world, the barks of Chinese M. officinalis and Japanese M. obuvata have become quite popular due to their verified levels of phytochemicals like honokiol. The bark of M. officinale (houpa) is often sought for incorporation in traditional Chinese formulas addressing “chi stagnation”, asthma, anxiety, cancer, and digestive disorders.
Description: Usage: a treatment option for anxiety, cancer, peridontal disease, stroke, inflammation, and even weight loss. A compound found in magnolia species holds exciting promise in the management of anxiety, cancer, and other challenging conditions. Honokiol is a bi-phenolic compound with the formula C18H18O2 and a relatively small molecular weight of 266 grams/mole. This molecule is found in several species of the genus magnolia including M. officinalis, obovata, and grandifolia. It is an isomer of another compound also found in magnolia materials called magnolol, which has 1000 times the antioxidant potential of vitamin E. The dried bark of M. officinalis usually has about 1-5% hanokiol and 2-10% magnolol.
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