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Product Name: Magnolol
CAS No: 528-43-8
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Product spec: Magnolia officinal extract,Magnolol 5%-98%
Packing: Inside is two plastic bag, Outside is drum
Post Time: 2018-03-27
Usage: Anti-bacterial antibiotic, anti-virus,Calm the central nervous,Anti-tumor, anti-cancer, leukaemia treatment,Analgesics disease,Improve sleep,anti- Oxide, Treatment dental caries
Description: 1、 Anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-virus, Anti-inflammatory, antiulcer and the strongest inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus 2、 Anti-tumor,anti-cancer, anti- Oxide 3、 Leukaemia treatment, inhibition platelet aggregation 4、 A significant, long-lasting central muscle relaxation, inhibition of the central nervous system 5、 Analgesics disease and treatment dental caries
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